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kitchen remodel

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kitchen remodel

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We hired WA for the additon and remodeling at our home. They help us to start with design phase and then did a great job for construction. Hasnain guide is through different cost options VS the value we will be getting at the end of the project which was super helpful. They completed the project on time and with in the budget.I’ll definitely recommend WA to friend and family
Mohammad Abid
Hasnain and his team at Wa did a 2nd level addition and remodel of our ranch. We were on a tight schedule and they did everything they could to get us home on time. During covid, with many supply issues, this was no easy task but they pulled it off.
Don B.
I'm not one to write reviews but I feel compelled to let others know how grateful we are to Hasnain and his team at Warraich building company. He is a shining example of how a business should be run. We were extremely fortunate to find someone so honest and caring, especially during COVID and these crazy times. I was expecting our second child at the time we met Hasnain, so it was extremely hard to be onsite as much as I wanted to be. As first time renovators for our big job (gutting and expanding our ...
Stefanie Zou
Excellent Contractor who I hired to rebuild my home. The project came out better than I could have imagined. Much attention to detail and completed according to timeline. Great communicator and produced a great finished project.
Susie Petro
After meeting with multiple contractors to renovate our historic house, we chose WA construct.Their team of professionals took complete care of the entire project from start to the end and we were very happy with the high quality of their work. We highly recommend them for your next home construction project.
Lidia Cristian
As an architect, I've worked with WA Construct and Hasnain Nasar on 3 Residential new-construction projects and a half dozen addition/renovations. I've found the team to be extremely detail-oriented, attentive to their clients' needs and very easy to work with. WA Construct has in-house kitchen designers and interior decorators. WA's unique one-stop-shop allows homeowners to complete their projects without running from store to store; the decisions are brought to them. I highly recommend WA Construct and Hasnain Nasar to each of my clients and would be honored to answer any questions.
Reuben Gross

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