Your Go-To Guide for Attic Renovation (Inspiration, Ideas, and More)

Is there static, dead space in your attic? There’s a solution for that. Clear the cobwebs and clutter with WA Construct’s go-to guide for attic renovation. We’ll answer, “Is an attic renovation worth it?”, discuss what to consider when building out and remodeling an existing attic, and five awe-inspiring ideas to help spiff up and turn that dark corner of your home into a magical place full of life and surprise.

Is Renovating My Attic a Great Idea?

Yes. Yes, it is. Why? When it comes to attic remodels, homeowners need not budget for and spend additional money on a new remodel.

Most attic renovations vary in price depending on the size of the home. Whereas a home addition — or even a kitchen remodel — can cost upwards of twice as much.

Often, when building in a basement or main level, it takes time to plan out how to protect your home’s floor against floor moisture. Attic renovations are great because homeowners need not deal with stressful moisture beneath floorboards.

Because of the height, price, time, and additional space, investing in attic renovations and remodels can be an economical choice and a way to spice up the color, function, and life of your forever home. You’ll just want to keep in mind these few key considerations before doing so. 

People high-fiving in their attic space

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What to Consider Before rRemodeling an Attic

To make an attic remodel seamless, easy, and worth the investment, we recommend homeowners keep the following considerations in mind.

Take note of Existing Building Codes

Building codes: they preserve the safety of your home. Before embarking on a new attic remodel adventure, it’s crucial to consider your city or neighborhood’s existing laws for construction.

Not considering these issues can have dire consequences. You might end up paying fees for not staying up to code, or at worst, creating dangerous or unsuitable living spaces that could result in a fatal accident.


Drafty, sweaty, and musty: three words that describe the feeling of most attic rooms. Most attic spaces feel this way because they’re untenable and don’t include proper insulation.

To make your attic space comfortable, soothing, and cozy, consider adding beefier floor joists and blown-in dense foam insulation to keep your attic space cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter.


Whether you’re creating additional storage space with knee walls, a new storage unit, or a bonus room— or using your attic’s beams to boost your space’s aesthetic — an attic conversion needs to be accessible to all.

It’s not merely enough to have a fold-out ladder that goes from the ceiling to the floor. If you do choose to go with steps leading to your attic, your walkway must be in the form of a staircase and must be up to code.

In case of emergencies, a second exit point — such as a window — must also be installed should the staircase be inaccessible. Not only will having a staircase and window be helpful, but it will also open up more usable space and natural light to make your attic space feel homey and livable for all.

Attic spiral structure
Attic with wood floors

Floor Space

At this point, you might wonder, “Will my finished space have enough room to make my newly renovated attic feel like home?”

The answer depends on how you use your attic space. A functional attic space can support a heavy volume and live load. 

If you plan to use your attic space to host and entertain guests, as a storage unit, master suite, or even bathroom, you could benefit from installing joists that can support live loads for diverse activities. 

Consider laying down a subfloor on top of a chosen floor plan to accommodate heavier loads and more active living and family gatherings. Your guests will thank you for their safety and stability.

Ceiling Height

If you decide to convert your attic into a more functional space, the ceiling height must be at least 75 feet in at least half of your attic space. 

Keep in mind, though, that renovating an attic roof with trusses may pose a challenge in the process. Though not impossible, consult your trusted home builder for their expert advice on what to do with awkwardly exposed beams and more on your ceiling.

Attic ceiling with white fan

Creating New Space and Adding More Room

You don’t have to knock out a wall to create extra space. Consider adding ceiling skylights or windows to low ceilings to create more room for yourself and your guests. More space starts with access to all-natural light.

If you do choose to add a new bedroom or make room for new space, adding bedrooms with sturdy drywall, knee wall cabinets, shelves, and built-in drawers can save space while adding more room.

Even changing the paneling or painting on your attic’s ceiling can create a more friendly, calming space that feels less cluttered and more breathable for all.

Wooden attic space with a great deal of room

5 Awe-Inspiring Remodel and Attic Renovation Ideas

Now that you know the essential ways to keep your house safe while remodeling your attic, now comes the fun part: coming up with beautiful, new, and decorative ways to make your attic pop with fun and pizzazz.

Need some inspiration? Check out these five awe-inspiring attic renovation ideas.

Our Attic Renovation Ideas

1. A homey Guest Bedroom or Primary Suite

“There’s no way to feel like home up there. It’s too hot!” you might be thinking. But your attic space can easily be transformed into a comfortable area with these tweaks.

How about a ceiling fan? What about a skylight moon roof skylight window? Perhaps a wall christened with family photos that celebrate all the beautiful places you’ve been?

Attics can be turned into lovely guest or primary bedrooms with the right guidance. Your local contractor can help you calculate the financial cost of adding an extra room to your attic.

A cozy attic bedroom facing a window showing a snowy winter's day
An attic playroom with a smiling child looking at the camera

2. A Playroom for the Kids (and you)

Wouldn’t it be easier to keep an eye on your kids in the house versus adjacent to the busy, dangerous traffic near your driveway?

Consider adding built-in shelves, colorful paintings, and open spaces for everyone to play. Add a cozy cushion chair and plush rug for a more intimate feel.

If you need some time away from the kids, you can use the playroom yourself. Grab a blanket, some tea, and a good book. Enjoy some rest and relaxation with your new playroom — space enough for you and the kids.

An open attic floor space with bumped out shelving
Interior of a luxury attic bathroom

4. A spa-like Bathroom Retreat

Speaking of square feet and added comfort, you can elevate your living space with a bathroom oasis fit for royalty.

Most attics have sloped ceilings, and homeowners often under-utilize each square foot to their benefit. If you decide to build a bath or restroom, consider adding a showerhead to sloped ceilings for a more functional living space.

Need more light to make the bathroom work? It’s easy to convert walls into windows. Just be prepared, as doing so can be costly.

Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when it comes to your new attic and home remodel.


5. A Cozy Home Office or Library Retreat

With remote work increasing across a variety of industries and trades, you might be finding yourself needing to make your living space clean and friendly for at-home work.Consider creating a home office to complete your attic renovation. 

Don’t have the square footage to make work — well — work? Consider hanging pictures of nature on the walls and adding minimalist furniture to create a functional and focused workspace.

A finished attic is perfect for emails, projects, and more.

Static Attic No More — with WA Construct Attic Remodels

When you build with WA Construct, you’ll have access to a suite of luxury and custom attic renovation tools and ideas, perfect for any sized attic. 

Whether you decide on building a new bedroom, home office, or entertainment space, we invite you to discover our process and explore our custom luxury creations with New Jersey’s top homebuilders, WA Construct.

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