What Makes A Basement Modern?

When thinking of a basement, the words “dark”, “dreary”, and “dungeon-like” may be the first to come to mind. Basements are often used as storage spaces, with everything from canned meats to unused pieces of dusty furniture piling up over the years. But the basement is a part of the home that has much more potential than we may give it credit for.

A modern basement incorporates precise floor planning and structuring with contemporary design solutions, and ties it all together with beautiful aesthetics. This small, dark room can be transformed into just about anything you’d like, from a children’s play area to a guest bedroom, to a home bar and lounge.

With some creativity and the help of professional planning and execution, you can turn your basement into your favorite part of the house. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways to bring a modern basement concept to life.

Our Top Favorite Modern Basement Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Forget dark, gloomy rooms and overstuffed storage spaces, the modern basement is functional, beautiful, and the perfect addition to any home. Utilizing your basement well can greatly increase the living space, and value of your house. Enjoy at-home theatre nights with your family, or let your kid’s creativity run wild in the play area of their dreams. A modern basement has lots of opportunities. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite modern basement ideas.

Build In A Basement Bar

Looking for a way to make your basement the envy of every guest? Building out a basement bar is the way to go. Not only will the bar be the perfect place to gather friends and family in, but all it takes is a little creativity to transform it into your dream hangout place.

Your home bar should include:

  • The bar itself
  • Barstools or some comfy seating
  • Overhead lighting to set the mood
  • A mini fridge to keep drinks cool
  • Storage space

You can also play around with the idea of adding beer taps. And if you’re more of a wine person, the basement is the perfect place to store wine year-round, thanks to its naturally cooler temperatures. Whether you opt for a walk-in wine cellar or just some storage space for your bottles, there’s so much room for creativity in setting up your home bar.

To enhance the functionality of your home bar, we recommend adding a kitchenette. You’ll be able to wash used glasses and utensils without having to take everything upstairs.

To enhance the functionality of your home bar, we recommend adding a kitchenette. You’ll be able to wash used glasses and utensils without having to take everything upstairs.

The Ultimate Man Cave

Give Your Basement Laundry Room A Makeover


Maybe you’ve previously done your laundry in a dark, dull basement, or didn’t have a separate laundry room at all. In any case, a modern basement is a useful basement, and having a well-equipped laundry room is always a great idea!

If your basement is unfinished or currently stands unused, working with a team of home remodeling experts might be your best bet. They’ll know how to best utilize the space to create an inviting atmosphere that’ll make endless piles of laundry seem much less intimidating.

Utilizing natural light is a great option for basements that sit mostly above ground. Adding new windows will help brighten the space, and can be useful when you want to air out the room. Go for neutral, light-colored countertops to lighten up the space. We also recommend adding cabinetry to keep all of your cleaning products and detergents in order.

A utility sink can make all the difference in your basement laundry room. Whether you need to hand-wash some clothes, or just want to scrub your hands, you’ll be able to do it all without having to go upstairs.

Get In A Full Workout Without Leaving The House

The home gym is one of the best modern basement remodeling ideas we’ve come across over the years. Because basements are cool and spacious, they make the ideal workout spot, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Creating a home gym doesn’t require too much remodeling. All you’ll need are some mirrors installed, proper flooring, and the equipment of your choice. We highly recommend covering concrete floors with gym mats or cork flooring to add some padding and keep the floor protected.

Adding floor-to-ceiling mirrors will not only do wonders to expand the space but will also help you watch your form while you work out. Utilize bright lights overhead to help you stay awake while exercising, and consider adding windows to maintain a supply of fresh air. For a more upscale home gym, you can play around with upgrades like a mounted TV, a 360 sound system, or a home sauna. You can also fill up the gym with all of the static equipment, weights, and pull-up bars you need!


Welcome Guests With A Stunning Basement Bedroom


Make your overnight guests feel like royalty by setting up a cozy, modern basement bedroom. This solution is perfect if you’re family lives far away, or if you don’t want to have guests crashing on the living room couch.

Add a large, comfortable bed, adequate closet space, and some cozy lighting. If you’re looking for a larger remodel or home addition project, you can consider adding a guest bathroom as well. Your overnight visitors will be happy to have their own space while away from home.

When creating a guest bedroom in your basement, be sure to consider the little things that’ll make the space feel like home. Include some wall art, blankets and throw pillows and a soft plush rug. It’s also essential that you have proper heating in the basement, as it does tend to get colder than the rest of the house. Having some extra blankets stored away in the closet may be a good idea.

Transform Your Basement Into A Multi-Purpose Entertainment Center

A cozy basement movie night is the perfect way to unwind with family after a long day. And building out a home theatre is easier than you’d think.

A projector screen will not only make you feel like you’re at the cinema, but it’s also easy to pack up and move out of the way if need be. Bring in some reclining seats or a large sofa, or if you’re looking for a fun alternative to structured seating, why not play around with beanbags?

Make your home cinema feel extra cozy with some dimmable lights, or play around with some trendy color-changing LED strips that your kids are sure to love. Be sure to add some plush rugs to keep your modern basement cozy, especially if it has a concrete floor.

The great thing about turning your basement into an entertainment center, is you get to decide what you want to have inside. Whether that’s a giant coffee table to play board games on, a football or pool table, or a giant bookshelf filled with your favorite reads, this is your chance to get creative in your game room.


Build Your Kids The Playroom Of Their Dreams


A surefire way to keep your kids entertained all day is by building out their very own playroom. Include lots of colorful storage boxes for all of their toys, some easy-to-reach shelving for books, and bean bags or comfy chairs for them to curl up in. You can also keep their playhouses and endless lego collections in one space, which can be a great help for keeping your house in order.

Equip the basement play area with apparatus that suits their age. Think mini-trampolines, hanging ropes, enclosed slides, and thick gymnastics mats for younger kids. What’s great is that the playroom can easily be modified as your kids grow older, and turned into a home theatre or a hangout space for your teens.

Choosing The Right Team For A Modern Basement Remodel

For your modern basement remodel to truly be up to standard, working with a trusted contractor is essential. Once you narrow down the vision you have for your basement ideas, the next step is finding a contractor that specializes in home remodeling, and works in the style your looking for. Be sure to check online reviews, get written estimates, and check out the references and previous projects of a contractor before signing the deal.

At WA Construct, we specialize in luxury design and build solutions to bring our client’s dream homes to life. If you’re ready to bring the vision for your basement to life, simply reach out to our team, we’d love to work with you.