Master Bathroom Without a Tub – Here’s How to Make It Work

We’re seeing it more and more every day – homeowners who’ve decided to leave the tub out of their master bathrooms. For centuries, bathtubs have been seen as one of the ultimate signs of luxury in a home. They were a status symbol, a statement piece in every master bathroom. While many master bathrooms still boast a large tub, an increasing amount of homeowners are turning towards a tub-less bathroom instead.

Many people find that long soaks just don’t fit into their daily routines, and showers are so much more convenient. What’s more, the space that a bathtub takes up can be utilized in so many other ways. But how can we ensure that a master bathroom remains elegant and inviting without a tub? Read on to find out.

Here are the Master Bathroom Ideas Without a Tub

Design Elements to Consider For Your Tub-Free Master Bathroom


Removing the tub from your master bathroom might feel like you’re taking the key ingredient out of your favorite meal. The key to ensuring the bathroom stays elegant even without a tub, is to play up the different elements that tie together the entire space.

Color Scheme

The color palette used throughout your bathroom will largely influence its final look. We always recommended going for neutral colors. These will create a cool, calm atmosphere in your bathroom, which is essential for giving off that luxurious vibe.

White is generally a great choice for bathrooms. It creates a bright and airy feel, and will always look polished. Grey hues can also work well to bring some cool-toned balance into the space. Finally, beige tones are ideal if you’re looking to create a soft, warm feel in your bathroom.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not incorporate earthy tones like taupe or olive green? These will add warmth to the bathroom, and when done right, won’t be too visually overpowering.

Lighting & Ambiance

A well-lit bathroom can feel incredibly opulent, even without a bathtub! Try incorporating various types of lighting, and don’t be afraid to combine statement pieces with more low-key lights. Having a chandelier in place will automatically steal the show, so we recommend pairing it with some recessed lights and warm-toned bulbs to balance out its power and maintain a calm ambiance. If you’re looking for a brighter atmosphere, using cool-colored bulbs will help add a fresh, cool vibe to your bathroom.


Choosing the right high-end finishes is key when creating a luxurious bathroom. And it becomes all the more important when we remove the tub from the picture. Organic stone like marble or granite is a classic choice among homeowners looking to elevate their space. You can also play around with textured tiles, stained glass windows, and even some fun wallpaper if you’re looking for a pop of color.


After planning out your tub-less bathroom’s color scheme and finishes, you’ll have to consider the hardware too. Everything from drawer handles to towel bars and wall-mounted shower heads must be carefully selected. Make sure to choose materials that work harmoniously with your bathroom’s color scheme, and try to stay as consistent as possible for a cohesive finish. 

If you’re working with a contractor to remodel your bathroom, they’ll cover all of these design elements in detail with you. They’ll also be able to give you practical advice on what would, and wouldn’t work for your particular bathroom.


Trade The Bathtub For Increased Functionality

Everyone wants their home to be functional, and sometimes, bathtubs just don’t do that for us. Instead, we’d be much better off with some added storage space, or an extra countertop for getting ready in the morning. Here are three of the most common ways we’ve utilized the extra space a bathtub left behind during a bathroom remodel.


Build A Walk-In Shower

There are several key aspects to consider when designing a walk-in shower that is both functional and elegant. The size of your bathroom will play a big role in how a walk-in shower can be realized. Large showers can look luxurious, but keep in mind the increased water consumption and longer cleaning process that it will require. For smaller bathrooms, you’ll have to make sure the shower is comfortable in size but doesn’t crowd out the rest of the room.

You’ll also want to consider the details inside the shower. Mosaic tiles can look very creative, but marble or organic stone is often preferred for a more elegant finish. Play around with features like rain shower heads, shower jets, and even lighting options inside the shower.

Create the Ultimate Vanity

One of the best to utilize the space left behind by your bathtub is to replace it with the ultimate vanity. Keep in mind that while a vanity may look beautiful, it’ll only be as great as it is functional. Practical elements like large countertops and storage space must not be overlooked when choosing the perfect vanity. 

Many manufacturers can create custom home vanities. These are ideal if you’re working with limited space, or looking to maximize your storage capacity. Be sure that the vanity you select is durable. We recommend stone countertops for their lasting quality. Accentuate the entire vanity with bronze or polished brass hardware. You’ll also have to decide whether you want a stool or bench to sit on, in which case you’ll need some open-leg space underneath the vanity.

Increase Storage Space:

There are so many ways to incorporate ample storage space when removing the tub from your master bathroom. Recessed shelving units can hold many products, without taking away any space from the bathroom.

A sink and cabinet combo can also be a great way to save space and increase storage at the same time. It’ll also make reaching for essential items easier. Hanging basket shelves can be a fun and practical way to keep your daily items organized. And using baskets on the floor can look great too, as long as they are well-structured and match the aesthetic of the bathroom.


Tie The Bathroom Together With The Right Accessories:

Towel Displays

Often overlooked when it comes to bathroom design, the right set of towels can make your space look so much more luxurious. Choose beautiful, high-quality materials like Turkish or Egyptian cotton, and go with bright whites or creams for your color choice. Depending on the rest of the bathroom, shades of grey, blue or green can also work nicely.

Towel warmers not only produce a nice display, but they are a highly practical element in any bathroom. You can also choose to keel fresh towels rolled up and stacked in a recessed shelving unit.

For an extra touch of glamor, use decorative towels embroidered or embellished with beautiful trims and fringes for an extra touch of glamor.

Incorporate Some Artwork

A master bathroom can still look luxurious without a bathtub, especially with some stunning artwork incorporated into the design. Look for pieces that reflect your style and complement the general theme of the bathroom. Larger art pieces will draw attention away from the lack of a tub, adding interest to the room.

Consider adding framed prints or wall hangings in various abstract shapes to enhance the atmosphere of the bathroom. Or if you’re more daring, hang tapestries in striking colors and patterns for an eclectic twist on traditional decorating styles.

Master Bathroom without a tub

Bring The Bathroom To Life With Nature

Adding plants as part of your design scheme can help bring life into your master bathroom. Houseplants like ferns, ivy, palms, and ficus trees are great low-maintenance options. These are perfect for filling up empty corners and adding texture to the bathroom. 

For an exciting and elegant touch, choose plants with variegated leaves or interesting foliage shapes. Fiddle leaf figs or bird’s nest ferns are an excellent choice for bringing an exotic look and feel to your master bathroom.

Final Words

Taking the tub out of your master bathroom can be a daring decision. But when done right, it may be one of the best design choices you ever make! If you find your tub sitting empty and taking up space, why not consider alternative ways to add functionality and elegance to your bathroom?

At WA Construct, we specialize in luxury design and build solutions to bring our client’s dream homes to life. We’ve remodeled countless bathrooms over the years, and we take pride in all of our finished results. If you’re ready to bring the vision for your master bathroom to life, simply reach out to our team, we’d love to work with you.


Key Takeaways:

  • The right use of lighting can help create a luxurious ambiance in your bathroom. 
  • Always choose high-end finishes like marble or other organic stones to elevate the space.
  • Bathrooms tend to look the most elegant when they follow a neutral color palette.
  • Be sure to select hardware that is elegant, and compliments the rest of the bathroom for a cohesive finish.
  • Consider replacing your unused bathtub with a highly-functional walk-in shower.
  • Add storage space and practicality to your days with a stylish and functionally-designed vanity.
  • Recessed wall storage, sink cabinets, and elegant floor baskets can help increase storage in your bathroom.
  • Choose elegant towels in rich materials like Turkish or Egyptian cotton, and don’t shy away from decorative frills or embroidery either.
  • A statement art piece can draw attention away from the lack of a tub.
  • Houseplants are a great way to fill corners and used spaces and will elevate the look of your entire bathroom.